Here are three steps to spruce up your home in 2022…

Deep Clean

The new year is always about cleaning: You have to clear up the wrapping paper, put away the tree, and tidy up after your new year’s eve celebrations.

Because you have to do all of this already, you might as well just keep going and do a deep-clean of your home. Take it room by room, making sure to focus on the rooms that have the highest foot traffic first. Sweep, vacuum, scrub rinse, and repeat until your home looks in tip top condition again. At the start of every new quarter (that’s mid-April, mid-July, and mid-September), do another deep clean room by room.

During the year, try and keep on top of everything by doing a little bit at a time (especially in the high use areas).

Deep Clean


Cleaning is a great place to start, but to create real change in your home you will need to get rid of all the things that you don’t use or need. At first, this can seem a little overwhelming, but be ruthless. If something hasn’t been used for a year (or more), then you’ve spent an entire year proving to yourself that you don’t really need it.

The important part about this step is to be methodical and not to get frustrated. Don’t just start ripping open cupboards and drawers and pulling everything out. You’ll tire yourself out much quicker than you think, and the pile of things that will end up sitting on the floor is more likely to discourage than encourage you. Instead, use the same strategy you had when cleaning, and go one area at a time. Doing this might take a little longer, but it will be much more manageable and far less stressful.


Get Organised and Stick to a Schedule

Plan by setting the days and times that you will do the housework. Without some structure in place, it’s easy to let things slide and for mess to build up without you realizing it. Make a point to keep cleaning a regular, daily activity.

Here are some things to think about when planning your very own schedule:

Some things are immediate like cleaning the dishes, and cleaning cooking surfaces. There are some things that can wait until tomorrow, but these aren’t one of them. Neglecting the dishes and cooking surfaces leads to weird smells and nasty critters, like cockroaches and fruit flies. Similarly, the bins need to go out regularly. Throw out any rubbish with perishables in it on a nightly basis. Another job that can fall under the immediate or daily category is simply tidying up as you go. If you take a DVD out to watch it, put it back in its case and the case back in its spot after.

What’s semi-immediate? These are the jobs that you should try to do every few days or on a weekly basis. This could include sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down all windows and mirrors, cleaning the refrigerator, washing and replacing bedsheets, and dusting.

Then there are other jobs that are necessary, but not particularly urgent. These need to be done time to time and include things like cleaning the oven, vacuuming under furniture, and wiping skirting boards, and door frames.


If you can get a deep clean done when needed, de-clutter and keep on top of household chores, then you will feel much happier in your beautiful home.

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