Are you a renter who wants to be treated with respect, and fairness from your landlord?

Do you want your maintenance requests dealt with quickly, and to feel happy staying in your rental property long term?

We are guessing that you do, right?

Well if so, here are five things that YOU can do, to develop the best relationship with your landlord, so you can be completely happy in your home.

Of course, having a great relationship with your landlord needs effort from their side, which is why We Love Renters doesn’t work with every landlord that enquires with us.

Instead, we EXTENSIVELY review each and every landlord, so that we are certain that they will be the BEST landlords for our amazing tenants.

1 – Pay Your Rent On Time

One of the most important ways to develop the best relationship with your landlord is to ensure that your rent is paid on time, and in full.

To make this easy for you, you can set up a direct debit or standing order which is a great way to make sure that rent is paid on time and saves you the time and hassle of manually sending the payment every month.

In addition, you can boost your credit score with your rental payment. To do so, you’ll need to sign up to one of Experian’s partners such as Credit Ladder or Canopy and connect them to the bank account from which you pay rent (granting read-only access).

It uses Open Banking to verify and monitor rent payments, so you need to be comfortable sharing your details.

Paying your rent regularly, and on time each month helps boost your credit score relatively quickly so it’s definitely worth taking the time to set it up and is a key part of having a great relationship with your landlord.

If your circumstances change, or you are unable to pay your rent when it’s due, it is important to speak to your landlord as soon as possible.

2 – Keep The Property Clean And Tidy

Another important way to develop the best relationship with your landlord is to ensure that you stay on top of the housework and keep your home in good condition. This will show that you are treating the property well, and you won’t have to worry when any inspections are due.

Also, make sure to take car of the fixtures, fitting and appliances that were provided as part of the rental property.

At We Love Renters, we make an effort to reward our best tenants who keep their properties in great condition.

3 – Ask Before Re-Decorating

We understand that decorating can make a house, feel like your home, and allows you to put your own style and preferences on the property. However, if you want to re-decorate, you should speak to your landlord before making any changes so you can agree on what can be changed, and you can find out whether it needs to be changed back should you move out.

The last thing that you want to happen is that you spend your time, and money re-decorating, only to find that it breaches your rental agreement, and you will have to spend more of your time and money to change things back.

4 – Flag Up Any Issues As Soon As Possible

The fourth important way to develop the best relationship with your landlord is to ensure that if you notice that the property has a problem; no matter how small, that you discuss this with your landlord.

This will enable the landlord to take steps and avoid it becoming a big problem that requires a lot more work. This could also be an inconvenience for you, because something that could take a couple of hours for a contractor to repair, may end up being a much bigger job if problems are ignored.

On the other hand, if you fail to report an issue, and it becomes much worse, this could threaten your deposit because there is a much higher repair cost.

5 – Be Considerate With Neighbours

The final important way to develop the best relationship with your landlord is to ensure that you are considerate and have a good relationship with all of your neighbours.

You aren’t expected to become best friends with all of your neighbours, but having a good relationship is very important.

If you have disagreements, try to diffuse the situation, and get along as best you can.

By doing this, it will make you happier in your home, and avoid any conflicts requiring the attention of your landlord.

So there we go – There are five important things to do to develop the best relationship with your landlord.

If you are already doing this, but your landlord isn’t treating you with the respect, and fairness that you deserve, then reach out to our friendly team.

We can help find you a fantastic home, in a nice area, with a fantastic landlord.

To find out more about our available properties, complete our quick and easy VIP Tenant Application Form.

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