As a landlord, it can seem like a never ending list of things to do…

Find good properties to invest in.

Then find good tenants to live in them.

And then maintain the property, keep compliant, and keep your tenant happy.

Plus hundreds of other things that go into the life of a landlord – It isn’t as easy as the media and politicians make out!

Thankfully, this blog sets out a really simple 4 step process on how you can handle maintenance requests from tenants.

Step 1 – Getting The Right Information In Your Maintenance Request

Firstly, as a landlord, you need to get enough information to determine whether this is a valid request.

This can be a difficult and time consuming first step – especially if you live far away from the rental property.

It may be that the tenant is providing vague information and it’s difficult to determine how serious the issue is. You are also relying on the tenants information, and it may actually be something more serious and urgent than they realise.

That’s why visiting the property can be helpful, so you can make a better decision on what action needs to be taken.

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Step 2 – Decide Whether It’s A Valid Maintenance Request

If you feel like it’s a valid request, then head straight to step 3.

If you don’t feel like it’s a valid maintenance request, then you can say no.

However, if you want to have a strong relationship with your tenant, make sure to explain the reason why and look for compromises that you are willing to do.

Ultimately, to maximise your rental income, keeping your tenant happy is a very important factor.

Handling their maintenance requests well can really help you stand out from their previous landlords, show them that you care and makes it more likely they’ll stay long term.

IMPORTANT – You must remember that keeping the property and tenants safe is your responsibility as the landlord.

Therefore, dealing with maintenance requests quickly and fairly can protect you from potential legal action if something serious happens.

For example, if a tenant reports that the front door is not locking, it’s your duty as a landlord to get this fixed as you must provide a securable property.

Step 3 – Find Reliable Tradesmen

This can be a very stressful activity for a landlord. Especially if you don’t have any previous connections.

It can be hard to arrange maintenance work due to tradesmen availability (good tradesmen are often booked up well in advance). This means you are looking online and stuck on the phone ringing tradesmen to arrange quotes.

Once you’ve finally found tradesmen, you need to get quotes and find who will provide the best value for money. Hiring the first tradesmen you find or choosing people purely on price can be a costly mistake.

To find out more about good tradesmen, read our blog: Finding Reliable Tradesmen

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4 – Record Work Completed After Maintenance Request Completed

Once the work has been completed, we would recommend to take photos and videos, and keep a clear record of what work was completed.

This can be important if a similar request comes through in future and may highlight that the tenant is causing problems to repeat themselves.

It can also be useful if you choose to sell the property at a later date.

If you are struggling with handling maintenance requests from your tenants, We Love Renters can help you.

Our property management service provides an all inclusive package where we take care of your tenants, arrange reliable tradesmen, handle all the paperwork and everything else relating to your rental property.

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